Rubber and rubber metal parts

Engine mounts
Strut mounts
Steering boots
Carburetor and injection mounts
Drive shaft mounts ecc.


Air filters
Oil filters
Fuel filters
Cabin air filters

Steering and suspension components

Silent blocks
Anti-roll bar bushes

C.v boots, steering boots

C.v boots
Steering boots

Rubber hoses

Radiator and heating hoses with textile insertion or plain rubber
Turbo intercooler
Fuel and oil hoses 
Air hoses
Silicon hoses
Paper-Aluminium and plain aluminium air hoses
Plastic pipes for fuel or wipers

Hydraulic brakes and clutches

Hydraulic brakes and clutches 

Hydraulic brake parts

Master and wheel brake cylinders.
Master and slave clutch cylinders.
Rubber repair kits for cylinders and calipers.

Flexible cables

For Clutch, hand brake, speedometer, accelerator, choke and bonnet.
Transmission shift cable.


Thermostats and thermostat flanges

Radiator water tanks, water caps

Automotive parts

Camshaft Drive: Timing belt kits, Timing belt kits with water pump, Timing chain kits, Gear camshaft, Timing Bel cover, Engine ca,shaft cap core plugs;
Wheel drive: driveshaft tripod bearing & joint, proppeler shaft, Wheel bolts & nuts;
Brake system: Hydraulic brake & clutch cylinder repair components, Wear indicator, Brake pads grease;
Gearbox, Clutch and Suspension: Selector gear lever, Gear lever repair kit, Release fork Clutch, Clutch guide bush, Wheel suspension steering knuckle, Repair kit wheel suspension;
Lubrication: Funnel oil dipstick, Oil dipstick, Oil cooler, Cap oil filler, Oil drian plugs
Fuel & Coolant line parts: Fuel pipe hoses & hand primer pump, Coolant tube, Fuel Water and air hoses, Fuel line hose merchandiser, Plastic hose connectors;
Clamps: Hose clamps, CV & steering boots clamps, Cable ties, Hose clamp assortment and wall stand, Exhaust system clamps;
Feltering: Oil filter housing, Fuel filter housing, Universal filters petrol and diesel.
Miscellneous: O-ring, Radiator antifreeze Red & Blu, Brake fluid Dot 4, Glass De-Icer, Diesel antifreeze, Nitrile gloves, Tools;

Oil seals

Oil seals for automotive and industrial application in NBR, poliacrilic, Silicon and viton compounds.

Gas springs